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With Rademacher & Horst confidentiality is one of the most important principles of work. The defence in criminal proceedings presupposes absolute confidentiality towards the client.

For successful work in criminal cases, you have to deal intensively with details. Insider knowledge decides the case.

For more than 20 years Rademacher & Horst are specialists in criminal cases. During this two decades, major developments in German criminal law have taken place. And every year Rademacher & Horst have successfully defended clients from Germany and entire Europe and averseas.

Through years of continuous work, Rademacher & Horst have achieved a high level of legal defence, which is also reflected in current successes in several cases at the German Federal Constitutional Court. A good part of these decisions have been published by the German Federal Constitutional Court on its own Internet site.

One focus of the last two years was on extradition requests. Rademacher & Horst are currently also dealing intensively with Interpol's search and investigations.

Rademacher & Horst were always lucky to handle a lot of criminal cases every year. And yet, to this day, no two cases are the same; every case requires a lot of research, ideas and determination. Many cases are referred to Rademacher & Horst by other lawyers and we often work in teams.

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