Interpol takes name of the accused off its website, EAW warrant red notice

"Anyone who is sought by Interpol is generally regarded as a criminal.

But many innocent people are in custody as a consequence of the world's police ... ... ... ... ...”

Lena Kamf, Süddeutsche Zeitung - Magazine 03/2015


Duesseldorf - 01.07.2016 - At our request Interpol (Commission for the Control of Interpol`s files - dated 01.07.2016 - Ref. CCF / R 263A.15) has removed the data concerning an accused person from its website.

In our experience it takes a long time for Interpol to react. In this case, however, the Commission for the Control of Interpol's files has recommended that the data concerning the complainant represented by us be permanently removed from Interpol`s website.

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