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The taking of evidence includes the interrogation of witnesses and experts.
Criminal defence lawyers in Germany are judged inter alia on how they
question witnesses and experts.

A criminal defence lawyer’s preparation for a forthcoming trial is similar to the preparation of a musician. The indictment is only the melody, but the entire court file is the concert score.

The defence lawyer needs to work patiently and skilfully through the court file, in particular the evidence, in order to build a solid basis for tactical decisions. At  Rademacher & Horst - Criminal Defence Lawyers in Germany  - we have built up substantial experience in hundreds of trials and you can be sure that we examine every avenue a trial can follow.

However the client also needs to be prepared for the court hearing. To prepare the defendant for the trial, the criminal defence lawyer must familiarize his client with the procedure from the first call up to the judgment. The client needs to know what happens and how to behave.

Rademacher & Horst  are focused and flexible. We know how to determine the defendant's own position before the expected sentence, how to use opportunities and, if necessary, align a strategy accordingly.

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German criminal defence lawyers in Germany Rademacher & Horst have the knowledge and experience you need, if you are facing a trial in a German Court.




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