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Rademacher & Horst  - criminal defence lawyers in Germany, Düsseldorf – have considerable expertise in relation to defending clients who have been remanded in custody. At Rademacher & Horst we are aware every day, that the state of being held in custody invades their lives in such a way, that they would never have thought possible. Our clients come to us because of our reputation and a passion for practical solutions, both confirmed by numerous successes (see our references).

The remand in custody of an individual in Germany, charged with a crime, is subject to the following prerequisites (sections 112 cont. StPO – German Criminal Procedure Code): strong suspicion that the person committed the crime; significant risk of getaway or danger of collusion; strict proportionality.

Following their arrest, we have represented many clients of various nationalities who have been remanded in custody and we have a wide range of experience in in the development of strategies to avoid pre-trial detention. If an arrest warrant has already been issued, this does not imply that remand in custody is an automatic consequence of the arrest. It is important to understand that the custodial judge always has options. The judge can issue the arrest warrant, but at the same time or later suspending its enforcement by imposing certain restrictions.

Bearing in mind these three options, the defence lawyer and his client have to decide on what should take priority, namely whether the grounds for suspicion can really be eliminated or considerably weakened or whether the risk of getaway or danger of collusion can be dispelled; in many cases the latter has at any rate a significant chance of success.

At Rademacher & Horst . we are aware that it is the task of the office of the defense lawyer to support family visits to the detainee, to ensure that prescribed medical treatment is given while in custody, to ensure an appropriately named account has been opened in the prison to enable the detainee to make any necessary purchases, and much more. Family members of the detainee can obtain more information on this from our office.

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