Criminal lawyer Dr. Rademacher about decisions of the Düsseldorf Criminal Court


14.07.17 - Düsseldorf - He was said to have been the "mole" (Der SPIEGEL) and infiltrated the Federal Office of German domestic intelligence agency. Investigators have identified him as an employee of the domestic intelligence agency, a former bank employee who - as a "lateral entrant" - at the Federal Office was empolyed for surveilling the Salafist scene. The man shocked his unsuspecting family and surroundings. He was said to have planned a serious state endangering act of violence as a member of the German domestic intelligence agency, and that he had intended to take part in crimes of an Salafist terrorist group and to betray official secrets of the Secret Service.

It took us a good six months before the criminal charge could be brought to an acceptable level. In the end, the Düsseldorf Criminal Court only accepted the prosecution's indictment for the smallest part (attempted betrayal of secrets) and cancelled the arrest warrant. Complaints from the public prosecutor's office were unsuccessful. Finally our criminal defense was resulting in a suspended sentence (Deutsche Welle).



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