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Rademacher & Horst - Criminal Defence Lawyers in Germany, Düsseldorf - have extensive experience of tax investigations. We have amongst other criminal tax matters an impressive track record for our criminal defence in some of the largest and most complex European VAT fraud prosecutions. For example, we were involved in 2015, when a coordinated operation between Eurojust and Europol called VERTIGO led to a total of 26 searches of premises and 9 arrests in various EU Member States.

Criminal defence in VAT fraud cases is reserved for specialists. At Rademacher & Horst  we are aware that it is by no means the intention of all parties involved in a tortuous supply chain to commit tax fraud. The involvement of innocent third parties in carousel fraud can be skilfully contrived by the initiators and pursuers of the scam to such an extent that the company concerned often has no knowledge of the situation it has been drawn into. Many of them know nothing of their involvement in carousel fraud and their role as a so-called "buffer". Criminal defence is a particular challenge in this scenario. At Rademacher & Horst – Criminal Defence Lawyers in Germany - we will ensure that no hearing in your case is treated as routine and provide you with the highest quality of service throughout.

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