Criminal Lawyer successful at VAT criminal proceedings, criminal attorney wins again

VAT Criminal Proceedings - legally binding parole

 28.07.2016 – The judgment of the Regional Court in Augsburg (15 Kls 501 Js 112253/13) – a section of a complex pan-European VAT tax carrousel - is legally binding. In spite of the high level of damages, in the millions, the sentence against the client was suspended. The public prosecutor's office in Augsburg has so far withdrawn the appeal against the judgment.

On 15.07.2015 the newspaper, the "Augsburger Allgemeine" commented on the operation "Vertigo": "..... the Augsburg public prosecutor's office has again hit out hard. On Tuesday, in a European-wide action, investigators from eight countries took 14 suspected tax fraudsters into custody. According to the European police authority Europol in The Hague, the investigators searched more than 40 properties in Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Those arrested were suspected of being the masterminds behind a sophisticated system for the evasion of VAT. According to Europol, the tax fraud caused a suspected tax deficit of 300 Million Euros”. - The ruling of the Regional Court in Augsburg reduced the allegations considerably against defence lawyer Lars Horst`s client.




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