Complex Trials

Criminal defence lawyers in Germany - criminal defence in complex trials

Large-scale criminal preliminary investigations can last for years and are a considerable burden on the accused. At Rademacher & Horst we are aware, that when the case comes to court, however, the burden in question takes on quite a different quality.

In cases where there is a lot of evidence to get through and where there are numerous other defendants and defence lawyers, a trial easily can last several months. Criminal defence lawyers Rademacher & Horst insist on a very careful preparation and planning of the defence. According to our understanding regarding criminal defence, it is imperative that the lawyer and his client develop a clear target and strategy that is persistently pursued throughout the duration of the entire trial.

Long lasting trials are usually scheduled for one to three days per week. The requirements are tightened in trials where one of the defendants is already in custody. The German Constitutional Court then requires that criminal cases should be heard in court at least two days per week (German Constitutional Court (BVerfG), NJW 2006, 677).

Rademacher & Horst – criminal defence lawyers in Düsseldorf / Germany – act nationwide in complex trials. We are accustomed to study extensive court files and we have our own method of working through these files and to develop strategies.  Already when reviewing the files, we draw-up a detailed table of contents, which we share with our clients as well as a copy of the prosecutor`s files. For us it is of extreme importance, to prepare our clients carefully to trials.

Our clients rely on us because we have solid knowledge of the facts of each case, we offer determined advice and we get results. German criminal defence lawyers Rademacher & Horst have the knowledge and experience to help.

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