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Cologne, July 15, 2016 - The Higher Regional Court of Cologne (6 AuslA 23/16 - 16) canceled an arrest warrant  against a Belgian citizen and released him from custody and thus failed to comply with a Thai request for extradition. The Thai law enforcement authorities had requested his extradition for sexual abuse.

On the occasion of this case, I have intensively examined prison conditions in Thailand and, right from the start of the research, you see horrible conditions in Thai detention centers which are not comparable with European conditions at all. The idea of a prison sentence in Thailand is equivalent to a nightmare of the worst category. Overcrowded cells with 20 to 40 prisoners are the rule, prisoners are partly infected with tuberculosis or infected with parasites, there is no adequate medical care. The hygienic conditions are devastating.

The questions raised by us have been asked by the OLG Cologne (6 AuslA 23/16 - 16) to the Thai law enforcement authorities who, as expected, could not provide satisfactory answers.

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