Criminal defence lawyer, Dr. Rademacher - detention successfully avoided 

One can assume that German courts are currently aware of the fact that the human rights situation in Turkey is unacceptable. However, there is as yet no uniform directive of the judiciary to no longer acknowledge Turkish arrest warrants. The treatment of individual cases, however, apparently indicates a certain pattern.

Based on this pattern, the Higher Regional Court in Cologne (ruling from 08.08.2016 - 6 AuslA 70/16 - 58) states that at our request a provisional extradition-custody order, which had previously been issued on the basis of an arrest warrant from Turkey, was lifted. In the further course of the proceedings Turkey will be expected to provide a detailed opinion on its human rights situation, in particular on the legal status of the criminal procedure to be expected and on the conditions of detention in Turkey. We assume that robust commitments can only be received at the earliest after the end of the current political state of emergency in Turkey.


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