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If you are suspected of fraud or other financial or corporate crime in Germany, then the robust advice and committed representation provided by Rademacher & Horst - Criminal Defence Lawyers in Germany - can help to minimise the impact of an investigation or prosecution and - if necessary - to optimize the chance of winning your case in court.

We are highly experienced specialists in international criminal law and extradition procedures, Dr. Martin Rademacher having now worked in this field for more than two decades, specialising in criminal defence for individuals and companies, defending against charges of fraud, financial crime, corruption and related matters. Recently we have acted in many complex and difficult fraud and extradition cases.

We have vast experience of defending in every type of fraud case including computer fraud subsidy fraud capital investment fraud insurance fraud obtaining services by deception obtaining credit by deception embezzlement and abuse of trust non-payment and misuse of wages and salaries misuse of cheque and credit cards and all types of complex white-collar fraud brought before the courts, in  investment frauds, banking frauds, insider trading, property frauds and in particular VAT fraud. We have considerable experience in defending applications for freezing assets, restraint and confiscation orders and orders for asset forfeiture.

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German criminal defence lawyers Rademacher & Horst  have the knowledge and experience you need, if you are facing investigations or a trial in a German Court.




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