sexual offences

If you are accused of sexually undesirable behaviour, there is an urgent need for action. Unfortunately, our experience shows that in sexual criminal law more and more complaints are being made, even in the bagatelle area and in cases dating back years.

In most cases "perpetrators" and "victims" even know each other and often the "perpetrators" are completely surprised by the accusations. But the police and public prosecutors' offices do not treat the accused with care and often make provisional arrests and courts even issue arrest warrants, which are justified by the high expectation of punishment.

provisional arrests and saliva samples

The investigators take fingerprints, photographies and saliva samples. Prison sentences and entries in registers are imminent. Such procedures and house searches in the workplace and at home can have a serious impact on professional and private life.

But especially in sexual criminal proceedings, however, there are often considerable questions of proof when, for example, statements stand against statements and legal questions and criminalistic doubts overturn hasty accusations.

Our expertise in the field of sexual offences extends to the complex requirements. We are equipped to prevent threatening disadvantages by legal means and with many years of experience.

Criminal defence lawyers in Germany - sexual offences and criminal defence

Precisely because of the sometimes questionable nature of the evidence, there is little division of criminal law, in which the criminal defence lists more acquittals. But sexual offences are extremely serious criminal charges that can lead to long prison sentences, yet investigations and indictments are often based on evidence of dubious credibility.

When a felony is committed, the prosecutor files an indictment

Most of the sexual offences are qualified as felonies in German criminal law and when a felony is committed, the prosecutor must file an indictment. Pursuant to § 140 StPO - the German Code of Criminal Procedure -, the participation of a defence lawyer is always necessary if the accused is charges with a felony.

However, at Rademacher & Horst  – Criminal Defence Lawyers in Germany for many years - we are aware, that the incriminating investigation itself can destroy reputations and family relationships. Therefore we seek to reduce accompanying risks by applying the greatest caution and through direct avoidance of publicity.

Criminal defence lawyers Dr. Martin Rademacher and Lars Horst, LL.M. both have intensive experience in defending individuals under investigation for offences of a sexual nature. Our clients are of all ages and from every profession.

At Rademacher & Horst we fully understand the high level of stress such accusations place on the lives of clients and their families.

The law governing sexual offences has always been a large part of the German Criminal Code (Strafgesetzbuch – StGB):

  • Section 174 StGB -   Abuse of position of trust
  • Section 174a StGB - Sexual abuse of prisoners, patients and institutionalised persons
  • Section 174b StGB - Abuse of official position
  • Section 174c StGB - Abuse of a relationship of counselling, treatment or care
  • Section 176 StGB -  Child abuse
  • Section 176a StGB - Aggravated child abuse
  • Section 176b StGB - Child abuse causing death
  • Section 177 StGB - Sexual assault by use of force or threats; rape
  • Section 178 StGB - Sexual assault by use or threat of force and rape causing death
  • Section 179 StGB - Abuse of persons who are incapable of resistance
  • Section 180 StGB - Causing minors to engage in sexual activity
  • Section 180a StGB - Exploitation of prostitutes
  • Section 181a StGB - Controlling prostitution
  • Section 182 StGB - Abuse of juveniles
  • Section 183 StGB - Exhibitionism
  • Section 183a StGB - Causing a public disturbance
  • Section 184 StGB - Distribution of pornography
  • Section 184a StGB - Distribution of pornography depicting violence or sodomy
  • Section 184b StGB - Distribution, acquisition and possession of child pornography
  • Section 184c StGB - Distribution, acquisition and possession of juvenile pornography
  • Section 184f - Prostitution likely to corrupt juveniles

evidence of dubious credibility

Recent years have seen an extraordinary rise in the number of sexual allegations being investigated and prosecuted. However, during the same period we have seen so many investigations and indictments based on evidence of dubious credibility. At  Rademacher & Horst  we work through the evidence persistently and skilfully in order to discover conspiracies and flaws in the testimonies.

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German criminal defence lawyers Rademacher & Horst  have the knowledge and experience you need, if you are facing investigations for a sexual offense.


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